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به انجمن راه ابريشم خوش آمديد


Over thousands of years the ancient routes of the Silk Road linked China with the Mediterranean and enabled the spread of ideas, religions, knowledge and inventions as well as the exchange of products between nations and cultures.
For millenia Central Asia and the Silk Road were not on the periphery as they seem to be now from our vantage point, but at the center of world affairs. Glamorous kingdoms developed through the interaction of sedentary and nomadic civilizations.
From Alexander the Great to Genghis Khan conquerors fought for supremacy in these regions.
Religions such as Zoroastrianism and Manichaeism spread; Buddhist, Christian and Muslim pilgrims met and learned from each other. Splendid buildings were erected and beautiful poetry was written.
Greek, Persian, Arabian, Indian, Turkish and Chinese wisdom, cultural goods and inventions were transferred.
Nothing comparable existed until the pre-modern era.
Since the 19th century these inter-related pathways have been interrupted by colonialism and the „Great Game“.
Lately there have been efforts to revive these connections.
With our society we want to help to re-establish some of these connections and make a small but practical contribution towards cultural understanding and the promotion of peace.

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